Introducing Geoida

Geoida® is a software product that will benefit members of the surveying and related professions, providing intelligent and flexible processing, adjustment and reporting of spatial survey data, from day-to-day pick-up surveys to complex networks of geodetic scale.

Developed particularly for Australian requirements but with global application, Geoida uses rigorous geodetic formulae to coordinate points using user-definable parameters for any ellipsoid, geodetic datum or Transverse Mercator projection; but it can also compute on the plane if required. Geoida processes field observations, performs least-squares network adjustments including combined GNSS and terrestrial observations, and converts and transforms coordinate data between different datums and systems. It also extracts and reports inverse details and exports point data in various formats suitable for other software.

If you are frustrated by plane-geometry survey software that's missing those essential geodetic computations, transformations and refined adjustments necessary in today's spatially-aware world, Geoida presents a new world of function and flexibility.

Geoida v5 Features

  • Site surveys, traverses and control networks
  • Manual entry plus Sokkia SDR, SurvCE RW5 & TDS, Civilcad Neutral, CDS Stadia, and CSV observation data
  • Traditional Bowditch/Compass adjustment of simple or complex traverses
  • 1D, 2D and 3D Least-squares adjustment and statistical analysis of traverses and networks (SP1-v2 compliant)
  • Comprehensive summaries of traverse and network adjustments
  • Import Leica, Trimble & Topcon GNSS baseline observations for least-squares network adjustment
  • Combine GNSS and terrestrial observations in 3D Least-squares network adjustment
  • Least-squares adjustment simulation
  • Compute in plane, Transverse Mercator or geographic coordinates
  • User-definable ellipsoids, datums, transformations and Transverse Mercator projections
  • Convert between GNSS and orthometric heights using AUSGeoid grid data
  • Transformations using NTv2 grid-shift, 7-parameter similarity, Molodensky, etc
  • Zone-to-zone conversions
  • Import, export & list point data as grid, geographic or cartesian coordinates
  • Extract detailed point-to-point geodetic inverses
  • Datum localisation / site calibration
  • Comprehensive built-in documentation
  • MS Windows 2000 to Windows 7

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