Geoida Pricing and Purchase Instructions

Geoida is distributed as shareware and functions in either Evaluation or Registered mode. When downloaded and installed, Geoida runs by default in Evaluation mode which is free for evaluation purposes for 45 execution runs or 120 days - limitations apply.

Please consult the Geoida Help or About options for details of your obligations under the terms of the Geoida Licence Agreement.

Licence Purchase

To continue using Geoida after the expiry of the evaluation period and to remove the restrictions on software function, you must register and pay the required licence fee according to the schedule below.

Prices indicated are Australian dollars.

* Australian states and territories, and islands in Australian territorial waters: 10% GST
‡ Student licence - Proof of current enrolment in approved course required - Details    





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      Licensing options

Purchase and Registration Options

You may register and purchase Geoida user licences by either of these two methods:

  • On-Line Credit or Debit Card payment
(This option is no longer available)

OR ...
  • Manual registration and payment - fax, email or post
    (using Geoida Registration option):

    Suitable for payments made by:
    • Direct Deposit
    • Cheque (Australia only)
    • International Bank Draft (payable at an Australian Bank in Australian Dollars)

    Recommended for:
    • Company purchase orders
    • Invoiced payments
    • Additional licences

    Register and make your payment manually as follows:
    1. Download and install Geoida
    2. Select the Registration option in the Help menu
    3. Fill in the Geoida Registration form
    4. Click the Print Registration button to print the document
    5. Complete the payment details on the printed form
    6. Return the completed Registration form with your payment or company purchase order to Convergent Computations
    Further details will be available upon registration by this method.

Please Note

Licence issue is a manual process. Upon completion of your payment we will process your registration and return your invoice and Geoida licence file to you by email as quickly as possible, however we reserve the decision to wait until your funds have been received which may require 2 to 3 working days in some cases

To validate your Geoida installation(s), select Validate in the Geoida Help menu and import the Licence File as supplied.

Educational licences

Multi-user site licences for Geoida are available to educational institutions free of charge. For more information, please contact us with details of your requirements.

Further enquiries: Purchase inquiry