Geoida Licence Registration

Pricing Structure

Prices indicated are Australian dollars.

* Australian states and territories, and islands in Australian territorial waters: 10% GST
‡ Student licence: Proof of current enrolment in approved course required - refer below

Licence Types

Lifetime Licence

The Geoida Lifetime licence is a single-fee, long-term enduring licence for which no expiry is set. Any available updates may be downloaded and installed free of cost; the licence will remain valid and continue unexpired indefinitely.

The Geoida Help → About Geoida option displays licence details - Licence Expiry and Free upgrade expiry are shown as '(Not set)'.

Annual Subscription Licence

The Geoida Annual Subscription licence remains valid for twelve months following the date of the original licence or subsequent renewal purchase - the end of the licence period is displayed as the Licence expiry date in the Geoida Help → About Geoida option. During the 12-month licence period, all Geoida updates and major version upgrades may be freely downloaded and installed when available. After the Licence expiry date has been reached the licence will expire and it will not be possible to use Geoida again until the licence subscription is renewed.

The Subscription licence option may be of interest to clients needing the use of the software for only a short period or project duration, or who prefer to manage the licence fee as yearly subscription renewals.

Existing licence upgrade to Lifetime

This licence selection applies to already-existing Annual Subscription, Student or any pre-July 2014 licences and is explained fully under the Upgrade to Lifetime heading below.

Transaction Types

New licence

New licences will be additional to any Geoida licences previously purchased.

Subscription renewal

Renewals will be used by clients to renew existing Subscription licences and will renew the current licences for another full subscription term (12 months) from the date of re-licence.

Upgrade to Lifetime

Existing licence upgrade to Lifetime applies to any pre-July 2014 licences or to Annual Subscription or Student licences initiated after that date. Use the Upgrade to Lifetime to upgrade an existing licence to Lifetime level.


Convergent Computations Pty Ltd reserves the right to modify these licence conditions at any time. If this is found necessary, we will always endeavour to preserve the conditions already applied to existing licences.

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