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Current version:   v5.8(19)

Release Date:   08 November 2019

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Security checks

The Geoida website is a safe, security-protected website - for added precaution against file corruption, tampering or malware infection, please check the following after downloading:

  • File size (bytes):   11163948
  • MD5 Checksum:   9fb00ad487a84499f9c965f59186cebb

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Release Notes

This update corrects an error during the start-up of some Evaluation installations: 'Geoida has failed to start correctly. Please report this error' followed by 'Error 6 in g_genproc (Class Module) cStartProcs::Sub SiteSetup - Overflow'.

Please refer to History and to the Geoida Help for full details.

Notification of New Versions

If you are not already registered with us or have never previously received notifications from us and would like to be advised of the release of new versions of Geoida, please complete the following form.

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Older Geoida Versions

If you would like to revert to a previous version of Geoida, please UNINSTALL the current version and then download a previous version here. CAUTION: In some cases, because of fundamental changes to database structure, it may not be possible to use existing jobs that were created by the newer version that you now wish to remove.


Geoida is distributed as shareware and functions in either Evaluation or Registered mode ...

  • Evaluation mode (default) - free for evaluation purposes for 8 execution runs; limitations apply
  • Registered mode - registration and payment of a licence fee is required (no limitations to software function)

Please consult the Geoida Help or About options for details of your obligations under the terms of the Geoida Licence Agreement.

Registration and Purchase

To register Geoida and obtain your licence file for the unrestricted use of the software, please you may either:

  • Register and buy on-line - (Online purchase and registration is no longer available; see next option)

OR ...

  • Register and pay manually - suitable for Direct EFT deposit, Cheque (Australia only) or International Bank Draft payments. Recommended for company purchase orders and invoiced payments for additional licences and version upgrades.

    To register and pay manually:

    • Download, install and run Geoida
    • Select the Registration option in the Help menu
    • Complete the Registration form
    • Click the Print Registration button to print the document
    • Complete the payment details on the printed form
    • Return the Registration form with your payment (or with your Company Purchase Order if you prefer to be invoiced) to Convergent Computations

Please refer to Pricing and Ordering for details of the pricing structure and more information.

Current users

Geoida is under continuing development and new options and additional features are planned for the near future. If you are already a Geoida user, click here for details of enhancements and corrections to the current version.


We value user feedback - please advise full details of any problems found and these will be corrected and updates posted.

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